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Cat Twigs


Put some pep in your feline’s step with CatTwig’s Silver Vine Sticks! Made from 100% organic and un-pressed Silver Vine, this all-natural, high-potency goody will have your little one purring, rolling, and pouncing in no-time. Commonly known as the catnip of Asia, this eco-friendly treat is a safe and holistic way to stimulate lazy cats while improving overall dental health and reducing stress. Simply introduce your little one to CatTwigs as you would any new toy and enjoy the extreme cuteness that unfolds. Plus, CatTwigs come in environmentally friendly re-sealable bags to ensure maximum freshness!

★★★★★ 5.0 stars
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Just like regular twigs, but for cats!

★★★★★ — Posted by Zachary Nusbaum on 10/26/2018

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